Boy Scout Uniforms: Activities

Figure 1.--Games are particularly popular with Cubs and younger Scouts around the world. Wide games are particular favorites of Scouts like these German Scouts in 1977.

Scouts have participated in a wide range of activities over time. Initially the activities were primarily delt with camping and woodcraft. Many popular activities like swimming and boating as well as archery and first aid were gradually added to the orogram. Over time the Scouts have sought to keep up with the times and activities like rocketry and computers have been added to keep the program interesting to contemporary boys. Many activities are shared by Scouts around the world, but there are differences from country to country. There are also substantial differences in the activity program depending on the level of Scouting.


Cubbing involved a wide range of activities. There were skills to learn like knot tying. A wide variety of skils were adressed in cubbing from archery to swiming. A complete list is very difficult to compile. Many of the skills will be useful to Cubs who move on to Scouting. Cubs also participate in Scout bands. There were a variety of projects like model building. The weekly pack meetings always had games which were very popular with the boys. There might also be skits. Outings and field trips were an especially popular activity. Cubs visited a wide range of facilities from museums to fire stations. Many boys report that the pack games that their favorite activies was either the pack games or the many outings organized.


We have collected information on some of the Scouting activities p[opular with Scouting programs around the world. Additional information on Scouting activities in specific country programs is addressed in the HBU country Scouting sections.


Scout band competitions are a popular Scout activity in England each summer. Scout bands were not a major activity in America, but they did exist. I am not sure what the situation was in other countries. At English Scout band competitions, the participating groups take great care of their uniforms because their appearance is one of the judging standards.


Boating is a popular Scout activity. Generally this is an activity persued at Scout camps which are often located on lakes where boating, swimming, amnd other water activities can be persued. This can include canoees, row boas, and sailboats. While boating is mostly restricted to camps for most Scout programs, there is one primary exception. The Sea Scout program makes boating the focus of the ebtire program. Thus they are set up to make boating the primary activity in the local community. This of course exerts a geopgraphic limitation as to where Sea Scouting can be persued. It is generally a more restricted boaing program. The primary focus is placed on sailing. There often is some basic work on row boats, but less commonly with canoeing. Most Sea Scout programs give their primary emohasis to sailing.


S couts are particularly well known for games. These are a special favorite for Cub age boys. Leaders pursue a wide range of games with the Cubs including many outdoor circle games and roughhouse games like "British bulldog". There are also indoor games like racing matchbox cars. Scouts also pursue a wide range of games. Outdoor wide games like "capture the flag" are great favorites. Many of these games are played by Scouts around the world.


Views of Scout uniforms at various national and international jamborees. One of the most interesting aspects of national and international jamborees is the opportunity to compare notes with Scouts from many different places. One of the interesting topics is always the different uniforms as well as the varied badges and insignias.

Gang Shows

A Gang Show is a variety show staged by Scouts and Guides--generally to a high standard carrying on the very best traditions of Gang Show and the theatrical arts. Gang Show had its beginning in England in 1932 when a young Rover Scout, Ralph Reader, who was making a name for himself in theatrical circles. In fact, Ralph was already a famous and sought after choreographer on Broadway-- but his life took a remarkable twist after he wrote and produced the first Gang Show to raise money for a local swimming pool. Recognising the worth of this form of training, Baden-Powell encouraged Reader to continue. Gang shows are still most common in England, but are held by Scouts around thw world.


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