National Boy Scout Uniforms: Unknown Images (Perhaps French)

Figure 1.-- These look like French Scouts to us, but they are the honor gusrd for an Englishman, presumably active in local Scouting. Click on the image to see the funeral procession.

Hre we have a set of images. We think they are French. Perhaos a French colony, but surely French. We wonder if it might be St. Pierre-St. Miquellion off Canada. There are eight vintage photos, which show a funeral procession. In one of the photos, boy scouts stand by the coffin. Others show a hearse, and the procession going thru the streets. They are not identified, but it is clearly a Catholic rite, and it is in a French-speaking country. The Scout uniforms look French to us. The boys wear the wide brimmed hat with a light colored shirt and darker short pants. A photograph of other boys show them wearing berets and sailor suits the boys wear look French to us. There are also French military uniforms. There also seems to be French flags in evidence and a French banmner at a Catholic religious ceremony. There is one minor complication. The Scouts are seving as an honor guard for a man who seems to be English. At least we assume he is English as there is an English flag on his casket. One would assumer that this means that he was active in Scouting. Also the artitecture does not look French, again suggesting that this might be a colony. I'm not sure how to date the photographs, perhaps the late 1940s. Perhaps some of our readers will have some idea where this is.


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Created: 7:50 AM 4/3/2005
Last updated: 7:50 AM 4/3/2005