United States Boy Scout Uniform Policies: Cubs

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Here are some of the uniform poicies pursued by Cub packs around America. Some Cub packs insist on full uniforms. Probably the most common policy id an abobe the belt rukle. Cubs have to wear the official shirt and kerchief, but can choose what kind of pants to wear. While this is the most common policy, pack policies are very diverse and cover a wide range of issues and concerns.

Look Smart, Act Smart, Be Smart!

Wearing a uniform "shows Scout spirit." It is not the purpose of the Scout uniform to hide the differences between boys or make them feel they are all the same. Scouts come from all racial and ethnic backgrounds. They have their own religious beliefs and family traditions. Scouting wants boys to take pride in these differences rather than to hide them or be ashamed of them. There is one way all Scouts are alike. Whenever a Scout sees another Scout in uniform he knows he is like that person because both have committed to the principles that all Scouts believe in.

This is important in a time when there are too many things dividing people. The Scouting Program binds all Scouts, the world over, in a common purpose. The Scout uniform identifies Scouts openly with are taking an open stand for their convictions. The uniform is an instrument, which blends many facets of Scouting. The uniform makes the Cub Scout visible as a force for good and creates a positive youth image in the community. When it is properly worn the uniform can help build good Pack spirit and attract new members. By investing in a uniform, a Scout and his parents are really making a commitment to take Scouting seriously. Scouting is an Action program, wearing the uniform is an action that shows each Scoutís commitment to the aims of Scouting which will influence his actions.

Boy Scouts of America policy allows a Pack several options regarding uniforms. One Pack reports electing the following:

1) For Cub Scouts, (Wolf and Bear) Class A Uniform

Cub Scout Blue uniform shirt (long or short sleeve)

Cub Scout Blue trousers (long or short). If short pants are worn, Cub Scout stockings or Cub Scout socks shall be worn.

Cub Scout neckerchief and appropriate neckerchief Slide.

Cub Scout hat is optional; however, should the Scout elect to wear a hat, the baseball-style mesh or solid twill Cub Scout hat is authorized.

Any closed-toe shoe or boot (No Sandal are permitted at Scouting events.)

Cub Scout Web Belt

2) For Cub Scouts, (Wolf or Bear) Class B

The Class B uniform is for summer events/hikes and Den Meetings.

Cub Scout uniform Shirt

Any blue pants or blue shorts

Approved Cub Scout hat is optional.

Any closed-toe shoe or boot (No Sandals are permitted at Scouting events.)

Cub Scout Web Belt

Cub Scout socks or Cub Scout Stockings

For Cub Scouts (Wolf or Bear) Class C

The Class C uniform id for traveling to/from Scout events.

Pack T-Shirt

Any Blue Pants or Shorts

Approved Cub Scout hat is optional

Any closed toe shoe or boot (No Sandals are permitted at Scouting events.)

Cub Scout Web Belt

Cub Scout socks or Cub Scout Stockings

For all Webelos Scouts

Use Cub Scout Uniform Classes, but substitute Boy Scout Colors of Tan and Olive as needed. No Cub Scout Blue Uniforms are to be worn by any Webelos Scouts

3) For Tiger Cubs

Refer to the Boy Scouts Of America Catalog for T-Shirt for Children and Adults. This is the only requirement for Tiger Cubs and their Parents.

Overall policy

Scouts should wear their uniform for all Scouting activities. Encourage your Scout to comply. An entire uniform will be required for some district, council and out-of-council events, e.g., summer camp. All patches, insignia and emblems must be attached and worn as prescribed by the official BSA placement directives in place at the time. The placement of all insignia is mandated by the Boy Scouts of America and the Cubmaster has a copy of this publication for all to review. New uniforms are available for sale through Pittsburgh Scout Shop/Greater Pittsburgh Council's district office located at 1275 Bedford Avenue/Flag Plaza, Pittsburgh, PA or contact the Cubmaster to find out when we will be going down. The Pack maintains a uniform exchange box in the Scout hut. Items that older Scouts have outgrown are placed in the box for use by new/younger Scouts. If you use the exchange service please donate when your Scout(s) outgrows uniform items.

If for any reason a Scout is unable to afford such a uniform the Pack will help arrange for one. A note, signed by the Scout's parents or guardian, stating financial circumstances shall be presented to the Cubmaster or Pack committee chairman. Personal details will remainconfidential.

Uniform inspections will be conducted by the Den Leaders or Cubmaster at least once a quarter.

Uniform Recycling

Our Cub Scout Troop is initiating a "Uniform Recycling" program through which we hope to make shirts and scarfs available from one den to the next year's den. Many boys outgrow their shirts and/or the uniform changes from one level to the next. While it may not be practical to recycle Tiger shirts and some boys (parents) may want to keep their shirt and/or scarf, there are plenty others that are willing. And, in this day and age of recycling, why not recycle uniforms? This issue came up for our Blue & Gold banquet. We had the local VFW present color guard and later do a uniform inspection of all the scouts. We had a few "multiple scout" families who had been "sharing" the single shirt the family owned and then there were those who just couldn't afford the clothing. So, we pooled our efforts, contacted past Cub Scouts and got everyone the needed clothing. The inspection (shirts clean & neat & tucked in, badges in appropriate places, etc) went very well. The VFW played it up and the boys really "ate it up", standing in line, very tall and proud! Oh yes - we also encourage boys to get a plastic badge protector/holder (found at the local Scouts distributor store) for their badges, so the shirts can be "passed on". This keeps the badges neat and prevents the fraying and wear that results from multiple washings. (The holder is "buttoned" over the pocket button.) We may start presenting this plastic holder with their Bobcat badge. I don't know how to deal with the arrow points - haven't found a holder for them.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: June 30, 2000
Last updated: June 30, 2000