Sea Scout Uniforms

Figure 1.--Sea Scout groups around the world adopt uniforms based on the naval uniforms used in their respective countries. This is an Australian Sea Scout in the 1970s.

HBC has not yet developed extensive information on Sea Scouting. The movement is much smaller than the parent Boy Scout movement and does not exist in all countries. It is of some importance in several countries. Sea Scout programs vary. In most countries Sea Scouts begin after Cubs, although Sea Scout units might have an associatef Cub unit. We see that in Britain and Empire contries. We have not noted it in America. The assiociate Cubs had standard Cub programs. The uniforms in particul tend to be quite destinctive following the national naval uniforms.


Not long after the foundation of Scouting, the English decided to form a branch focusing on marine activities. This was a natural evolution in Britain. Baden Powell's background was of course the Army and a lot of early Scouting activities as well as the uniform was focused on the Army. Thus it was only natural for English boys, given the country's seaf faring tradition to want a Scouting experience with a more nautical flavor.


We have very little chronological information on Sea Scouting at this time. Sea Scout initially tended to give attention to the uniform. This was also true of the overall Scout movement. We note that focus on the uniform declined in the 1970s, especially in Europe. Trends varied substantially from country to country. There alsos appears to have beren declining interest in Sea Scouting overall, but here we have little actual information. Sea Scouting still exists, but many groups give little attention to the uniform.


Sea Scout programs vary. In most countries Sea Scouts begin after Cubs, but we have noted a few Sea Cout Cub programs as well. From this early beginning, Scout associations on many countries have organized Sea Scout groups. In some instances the Sea Scouts are a group for older Scouts which have completed Cubbing and basic Scouting. This is the approach taken in America. In other countries whole Scout groups, including the Cubs have been organized. This is the approach taken in New Zealand.


Sea Scout uniforms have varied substantially from country to country and over time. Most dedicated Sea Scout uniforms, like naval uniforms, were either blue or white or sometimes black. The first Sea Scout uniform was the British Sea Scouts as the first troops were organized in England. The British Sea Scout garments were dark blue middy blouse and matching short pants worn with a naval uniform cap and dark kneesocks. This varies somwwhat because some countries utilize refular Scout garments as part of the Sea Scout uniform. Sea Scout groups around the world adopt uniforms based on the naval uniforms used in their respective countries. This was especially important with the uniforms of early Sea Scout groups. There are great similarities, however, as British naval uniform styles have been so important. Over time naval uniform garments have come to be used less and less.


Sea Scout movements exist in many countruies around the word. All are integrated into the national Boy Scout movement which in many instances includes girls. Sea Scouting was conceived by Baden-Powell soon after the Boy Scout program was founded. I was created as an adjunct of the principal Boy Scout program in England. It proved popular in England with its seafareing tradiin. It quickly spread to mny other countries as well, epecially former British colonies and other countries with eafaring tradiion. Sea Scouting has always been a minor program in American Scouting. The approach to Sea Scouting varies around the world. In America it has been set up as an option for older Scouts. In New Zealand and some othr countries, boys can begin participating in Sea Scouting even as Cubs.

Other Organizations

Like the Scouts, other uniformed groups are known to have had naval divisions like such as the Sea Scouts. Examples include both the Boys' Brigade and Hitler Youth. Presumably there were others. We are unsure about the Young Pioneers.


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