Boys' Historical Clothing: New Pages--April

Figure 1.--Here we see a Japanese school boy on his way to school in the morning. His uniform is complete with a classic Randoseru. As all his books and papers didn't fit in the Randoseru, he has a second bag for the overflow. Also notice the chip strap for his soft rounded-crown hat.

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April 30

American shirts and collars: The 1870s

Instututions: Health--Floating Hospitals

American First Communion Garments: Footwear

April 29

World War II: Industry--Italy

World War II: Science and Industry

April 28

American caps: Brimless round caps

World War II: Logistics and transport

April 27

Indonesian chronology

American family: 1900s--Geandfather and grandkids

British aristocracy: Lord Iveagh

April 26

NAZI religious plans: Postponement

American Fauntleroy suits: Broad-brimmed sailor hat--Stylistic elements

April 25

World War II: Children--National food policies

April 24

Wotld War I: Poland--Domestic situation

American schools: Carrying books to school

April 23

American schoolwear: Suits

World War II: Hitler and Poland

April 22

Samoan history: Pacific War

American ads and catalogs: McCawley/Slipova


French artists: Charles Balthazar Julien Févret de Saint-Mémin

April 21

Australian schools: Rural Primary--Bundaberg Region of Queensland

Rompers: Chronology

Indian history: The Northwestern Frontier area

April 20

American catalogs: Outfits for younger children

April 19

American little boys pattern (1921)

Japanese book satchell: Additionl bgs

Japanese schools: Tradition and change

April 18

American boy: Otmar Voegele

French school activities: Coming and going to school

Canadian First Communion garments: Pants

Canadian First Communion (1936)

Great Depression: America--Weak agicultural sector

April 17

Vietnam War: Casualties

American Eton collars: The 1930s

Jewish holidays: Hanukkah

April 16

American knicker hosiery: Knee socks

American movies: The Old Man and theSea

American siblings: Unidentified children (1910s)

Canadian schools: Catholic schools

April 15

Americans know what April 15 means--Tax Day. Our work on HBC has been interupted by having to navigate an incredibly complex tax code. Wecan now get back to creating HBC pages.

Age gradeing: Country trends

April 14

American smocks: Mid-19th century

April 13

American romper gender chronology: The 1920s

April 11

Candian catalogs: Hosiery (1936-37)

April 9

Arab-Isreali conlict: Foreign support

April 8

World War II: Britain--Third evacuation

April 7

Isreali-Arab Conflict: Foreign Support

American knickers suits: Headwear

Scottish artist: Harrington Mann

April 6

Japanese biographies: Yukio Mishima

Ivory Coast: Education

April 5

Prince Hisahiro: Education

World War II: Battle of the Atlantic (1939)

Amrican boys: Donald and Francis Edinger

April 4

English dress: Unidentified children

April 2

World War II: Japanese Greater East Asian Coprosperity Sphere

April 1

French Guiana: History


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