Boys' Historical Clothing: New Pages--June 2013

Figure 1.--This unidentified American boy wears a Little Lord Fauntleroy suit with a lacy blouse and ringlet curls. Mother has added a bow to one of the ringlets. We are not sure about the color, perhaps red. He looks to be about 4, maybe 5 years old. There is no studio information on the mount. The portrait is undated, but looks like the 1890s to us.

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June 30

American boy: Walter J. Richmond

World War II: Merican aircraft company--Lockheed Aircraft Co.

American ringlet curls: The 1860s--Gender trends

June 29

American peaked caps: Chronology

June 28

World War II: German evacutions: KLV Jugend Lager

World War II: Japanese surrender--Shanghai and Hong Kong

June 27

World War II: Allies sweep into Belgium

June 26

World War II: Allied invasion of Germany--The Ruhr pocket

American Sunday school: Chronology

World War II: Japanese secret airforce

June 25

American schools: FA (1910)

American dresses: The 1860s

World War I: Cuba

World War II: Inter-war technical advances--America

June 24

Cold War: East German Stalinism

June 23

New Zealand footwear types

Italian chronology: The 1910s

World War II: The French wait after D-Day

American hair styles: Gender trends--Short styles

June 22

English Isle of Wight: Headwear streaners--Number

Kilt suit garments: Collars

Uniformed groups

June 21

World War II: Mortain fighting

Hitler Youth uniforms: DJ winter uniform

June 20

South Sudan history

World War II: Liberation of France--Mortaine offensive

June 19

Brazilian ethnicity: The Caišara

June 18

Anmerican schools: Vernon School

World War II: American buildup in Britain

June 17

World War II: American tank tyopes

World War II: U.S. Army--Neutrality (1939-41)

Scottish tunics: Chronology

African tribes: The Sara

June 16

American age grading: The 1890s

British biographies: Churchill--Early political career

American families: The Scudders (1910s)

German leibchen

Japanese holidays: Founding of the Nation Day

June 15

World War II: Japan road to war--The Empire

The West and modernity

French families: Middle-class family (1902)

June 14

The Holocaust: German Youth Aliyah

American hair bows: Chronology

German African colonies

World War II: Italian poison gas

French Fauntleroy suits: Chronology--The 1930s

June 13

American cabinet cards: Classic styles

Norwegian family (1890s)

American boy: Herreshoff boy

June 12

Argentine photography

World War II: Luftwaffe pilot training

June 11

South African activities--Sports

Dutch outings: Skating

World War II: First British evacuation

World War II: First British evacution: Some chilldren stay

American boys: John and Charles Howell (1860s)

June 10

World War II: Fascism core tennants--Racism

World War II: Fascism--Core beliefs

Italian Fascist youth: Race

World War II: Soviet medium tanks

Choirs: National styles

June 9

World War II: Dutch collaborators--Retribution

World War II: Dutch liberation north of the Rhine

French choirs: Unknown choirs

June 8

Madagascar schools: Independence

Czechoslovak Jews: Regional trends

June 7

President Nixon: Education

Italian economy: Unified Kingdom of Italy

Dutch boys: Jaap and Arent Ronda

June 6

Arab/Isreali Conflict: West Bank and Jerusalem

Swedish families: Brothers (1920s)

Bavariqn royalty: Prince Ludwig's childhood

Austrian nobility

June 5

World War II: Soviet Union--Leningrad evacuations

Romanian families: The Bernsteins

World War II: Soviet Union--Defense of Lennigrad

June 4

American footwear: The 1950s

American footwear: The 20th century

Italian sandal hosiery: Chronology

Irish film review: Broth of a boy

June 3

Amercan long stockings: Medium lengths

Japanese schools: First day portrait 2010)

German long stockings: Long lengths

June 2

World War II" Siege of Lemmigrad--The Neva

American broad-brimmed hats

World War II: Animal species

World War II: Great Patriotic War--Impact on the Soviet Union

June 1

World War II: Czech poison gas

World War II: Poland--Ethnicity

South Arfica: Religions--Orthodoxy

American schools: Gallatian Elementary School (1948)


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