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English prep schools
Figure 1.--School uniforms are one of several types of uniforms worn by boys. We have limited information about historic school unifirms, but know boys in English grammar schools wore blue uniforms (16th century). Uniforms were common in British boarding schools in the 19th and 20th centuries. After World War II, uniforms became common in state schools. These boys attended a prep boarding school in the 1980s.

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November 30

World War II: Destruction of Czechoslovakia--Hungarian seizure of Ruthenia

November 29

Indonesian Christians: The Chinese

Welsh tights

History: Liberal theory

November 28

American hats: Homberg--Chronology

Hungarian garments: Standard suits

November 27

American schools: Reinberg School

November 26

World War I: Pre-War Alliances

Chinese cultural revolution: The Three Olds

November 25

American kilt suits: Sailor styling

Mass killing: Communist China

American sailor collars: Added decoration

November 24

Czech cold weather garments

Lebonese history: The Druze

Cold War: Romania

World War II: Stalingrad--The aftermath

November 23

World War II: First British evacuations--Non-officialm evacuations

Geography: Impact

Second Sino-Japanese War: Japanese soldiers

November 22

Cold War Malaya: The Emergency

Cold War Czechoslovakia: Communist normalization

November 21

United States brimless caps: Age trends

Italian Balilla: Military ethos

Afghan history: Soviet invasion

November 20

Cold War: Soviet economic weaknesses

World War II: German tanks: Tigers

November 19

British history: Boudicca's revolt

World War II: British Home Guard--Boys

November 18

German First Communion: The 1960s

French Polynesia: Religion

World War I: American aircraft industry

Canadian residential Native American schools

November 17

Bedouins: Divisions

American sailor suits: Early-20th century styles

American Fauntleroy decorations: Pants--Pantalettes

November 16

American rainwear: Garments

Argentine First Communion: The 1920s

American collar-buttoning jacket suits: Shirts and colars

World War II: Pre-War Czechoslovakia

American pony express riders

November 15

German bikes: Gender trends

Italian school smocks: Ages

North American tribes: The Plateau--The Nez Perce

North American tribes: The Arctic--The Inuit

November 14

World War II: Civilans in Normandy: Civil Affairs Department

Madagascar history

African history

American Red Cross: Inter-War era

North Amrican tribes: The Bannock

November 13

American short pants: Shorts sets

Holocaust in Germany: The Reyes

Canadian ringlets: Siblings

Chinese families

November 12

Post-World War II Jewish exodus: Cyprus internment camps

Canadian Rovers

German films: Die Kinder aus No. 67

November 11

American first communion: St Mary Church (1946)

Arab-Israeli conflict: 20th century

French rompers: Postcards

The Depression: The Dust Bowl--Respomse/People

French ringlet curls: The 20th century

November 10

Yemen slavery

The Depression: The Dust Bowl--Response

Belgian bib-front rompers

American Red Cross

English vintage Fauntleroy suit

November 9

Canadian Scout levels: Permanent programs

Swedish Scouts: Salvation Army Scout Association

November 8

World War II refugees: Country trends

Canadian Scouting levels

American history: 1938 Congressional elections

The Depression: The Dust Bowl--The rains return

November 7

German rompers: Gender age trends

The Depression: The Dust Bowl--Schools

German romper gender trends: Age trends

November 6

Italian festivals: Corsa degli Zingarelli in Pacentro

English demographics: Seaside ports and harbours

English artists: Estace P.E. Nash

English royalty: Prince Albert and the Great Exhibition


Dutch schools: St. Aloysisius

Russian short pants: Social class

November 5

Russia: Bib-front shorts

Russian families: The 20th century

Arab-Israeli conflict: Black September fighting

English demographic trends

November 4

American Cub uniforms: The 1940s

American long stockings: Conventions--Modesty

American knicker suits: The 1930s

German rompers: Beachwear

German footwear: 1930s age conventions

Boys' uniforms: Chronology

November 3

Italian fascists: Seizing control

English Wolf Cub packs

Youth group uniforms: The 1950s

Peruvian ethnicity

World War II: NAZI political reorganizxation

November 2

German eugenics: T4 killing program

World War II: Inexperienced German troops

November 1

World War II: American Pacific submarine bases


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