Young Pioneers: China--Formal Uniform

Figure 1.--Here we see a smartly uniformed Young Pioneer group in 2005. We do not know where the photogrph was taken. Nor are not sure if this is an elite group or if this unifirm was commonly worn by Chinese Pioneers. Hopefull a Chinese reader can tell us what the sign says. Put your cursor on the image to see the rest of the group.

We have noted a few uniformed groups in the 2000s with berets and iniform shirts and short pants. We do not know if this was a show-case group. We are not at all sure how common this was. We do not know yet if these uniforms were worn by a few elite uniformed groups in the major cities or was a widely worn Young Pioneer uniform. The uniform we note was red berets, light-colored shorts, olice drab shorts, nd white belts. This looked rather like the American Scout uniform, but without baseball caps. One photograph shows a group wearing this uniform with white knee socks and matching sneakers.


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