Cape Verde Scouts

Figure 1.--The photo was taken in 1970s in São Domingos, Isle of Santiago in Cape Verde. It shows some Cub Scouts having a ood time climbing a palm tree. They seem very good at it.

We have very limited information about Cape Verde Scouting. The country was A portuguese colony. And Scouting mat have funxtuined there during the colonial period. This was the gebneral pattern in British and French cilonies, but we know lkess about the Prtuguese colobies. Here we see some Cape Verde Cubs enjoying themselves climbing a palm tree during the 1970s. (figure 1). We are not sure if it was before or after indeoendence. A coup in Portugal resulted in a new government which granted independence to its former colonies. Cape Verde became independent ( 1975). The country has a very small Scoting movement. One report indicate tht there were about 700 Scouts (2004). We notice both Cunb and Scout levels, but have been unable to find much additional infiormation bout Cape Verde Scouting. The national Scouting association is the Associação dos Escuteiros de Cabo Verde (The Cape Verde Scooting Association--ADEDCV). The ADEDVC was founded in recent times (1990). It became a ember of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (2002). The ADEDCV is a member of the Comunidade do Escutismo Lusófono (Community of Lusophone Scouting). This is an association uniting the Scouting movement in Portugal and the Portuguese speaking former colonies. The largest Portuguese-speaking country is of course Brazil.


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