Gabon Boy Scouts

Figure 1.-- Here we see Gabinese Cubs participating in a camp during the 1950s. The older boy leading them seems to be a Scout.

Gabon has a small Scouting movenmebnt. Scouting began in the country during the French colonial era. At first it was for the French boys living in France as part of the coloniual administration. The movenment was noit formallfounded until later (1936). This was a little later than in many other African countries, just before World War II. The founding was a little complicated because France kept reorgaising its African colonies. Gabon at the time Scouting was founded was part of French Equatorial Africa. The Fédération Gabonaise du Scoutisme (Gabonese National Scouting Association--FGDS) is the umbrella Scout group in Gabon. The FGDS became a member of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (1971). It is now coeducational and has about 4,000 members (2008).[ There are several different Scout associations that make up the FGDS. They include: the Scouts et Guides Catholiques du Gabon (Catholic Scouts and Guides of Gabon), Eclaireuses-Eclaireurs du Gabon (Scouts and Guides of Gabon) and Eclaireurs et Eclaireuses Unionistes du Gabon (Protestant Scouts and Guides of Gabon). Gabonese Scouts are n is involved in various public service efforts, motly in cooperation with sports and cultural organizations. One of the most important efforts is forestation as well as other ptroijects to improve public areas. The different levels are: Cub Scouts (age 7 to 11), Scouts (ages 12 to 15 years), and Rover Scouts (ages 16 to 20 years).


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