Madagascar Boy Scouts

Figure 1.-- This is a Boy Scout patrol in Mahajanga, Madagascar, probably about 1960.

Malagasy Scouting was officially founded durung the French colonia era (1921). They were not recognized by the World Bureau until independence (1960). It is a rathercvsmall national movemrnt. There were about 9,000 Scouts (1998), but we have no recenbt nembership estimates. The umbrella Scouting organization is Firaisan'ny Skotisma eto Madagasikara (Scout Federation of Madagascar). There are three Scout Associations: 1) Kiadin'I Madagasikara (Scouts of Madagascar), 2) Tily Eto Madagasikara (Unionist Scouts of Madagascar), and 3) Antilini'I Madagasikara (Catholic Scout Association of Madagascar). The three Associations are all community orientated. They is also a Girl Scout association, the Skotisma Zazavavy eto Madagasikara (Fédération du Scoutisme Féminin de Madagascar). One source reported a memnbershipo of nearly 25,000 (2003). That is somewhat unusual because usually more boys prticipate in Scouting than girls in Africa. We are not sure aout the availsble nembership estimates. There are several Scoiuting development centers in the country. An important effort taken in by Malagasy Scouts is rural education, primarily literacy. They help with instruction in adult literacy classes. Public hygiene is amother effort promoted by Scouts in Madagascar. The Scouts have also helped during natural disasters and with relief projects. The boys' program levels are: Cub Scouts (7 to 11 years), Scouts (12 to 15 years), and Rovers (16 to 20 years).


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