Zambian Boy Scouts

Figure 1.-- Here a Zambian boy is taking the Scout oath. It is undated, but looks like the late-1950s or early-60s.

Zambia has both a Guide and Scout association. The Girl Guides Association of Zambia is a member of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. The Zambia Scouts Association is a member of the World Organization of the Scout Movement. Scouting and Guiding are the principal youth organizatiions in Zambia. Both were established during the British colonial period. Scouting was founded with the registration of the first Boy Scout company (1909). This was only 2 years after Scouting was founded in Britain. It proved popular with the boy. A troup was sent to the seciond World Scout Jamboree in Denmark (1924). The first Scouts were British boys in Zambia. A separate organization ws established for African boys which ws called Pathfinders. the two groups were unified (mid-20th century). Activities include pioneering, camping, hiking, and cooking. Zambia Scouts are active in a range of public service programs, especially in rural areas. Zambian Scouts are playing an important role in the HIV/AIDS prevention drive that is underway in Zambia and other countries in southern Africa. They are working on awareness and education about prevention. The Scouts are targeting their oiwn youth community, the individuals most endangered.


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