British Boy Scouts: Revival

Figure 1.--Here are Cuns from the BBS 2nd Goring and Streatley. They are wearing the "T"-shirt activity unifoirm. The regular uniform is the traditional green jumper (sweater).

The BBS was apparently revived. We do not yet have the details of this reorganization. A reader tells us that were major chasnges to Scouting in the 1960s. This led to many scout leaders leaving scouting. Some joined the BBS. I am not sure if the BBS was revived at this time or id there was a small grouip already in existence. "The BBS was prominent in the London area at this time and throughout its history. It appears to have had a fragile existence. Most of the groups had disappeared by the 1970s but a group was revived in 1978 and the movement has grown steadily since then. It has a history of dedicated leadership. The founder members in the Edwardian period were individuals with a desire to make a movement about personal development by pursuing badge work goals, comrade with peers and adults. All enjoying the woodcraft outdoor activities." A British Scouter has contacted us to point out his group, the 2nd Goring and Streatley. [Ockwell] They were admitted as Associate Members of the ‘British Boy Scouts and British Girl Scouts Associate’ in September 1995. We are not sure just when the BBS amd BGS organization was revived. They are a traditional Scout group. They have added a Baver Colony to the traditional Scout levels. The Scout program and unifoirm is a traditional one based on Lord Basden Powell's program. The group tells us, "A Beavers Colony (6-8 years), Wolf Cubs Pack (8-11 years), Scouts (11-15 years), Senior Scouts (15 to 18 years) and Rover Scouts (18-24 plus years) and a friendly band of loyal and trustworthy adult volunteers as leaders. The Scout Group caters for boys and girls in all Sections. Each of our Sections strive to provide an exciting programme designed to stretch and develop the young people."


Ockwell, Trevor. E-mail message, January 31, 2010.


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