Portuguese Boy Scout Uniforms: Corpo Nacional de Escutas


The Corpo Nacional de Escutas is Portugal's Catholic Scout Association. Portugal as in the case of many European countries has a separate Scout association suppored by the Catholic church.

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Portugal as is the case in most European countries has a separate Catholic Scout asociation. Why is there a separate Catholic scouting organisation? Since the early ages of scouting, the Catholic Church has seen it as a superb means of upbringing children. Catholic scouting was bound to happen.

Scouting in Portugl was founded in 1911. Catholic Scouting was not founded until 1922. The International Eucharistic Congress was taking place in Rome, Italy. The Archbishop of Braga (Dom Manuel Vieira de Matos) and his secretary (Dr. Avelino Gonçalves) attended it. The Italian Catholic Scouts did a great job serving in the Congress, giving it a youthful touch. The Archbishop was so impressed, that he asked his Secretary: «Can't we have them, too?» As soon as they got back to Braga, they started working. On 27 May 1923 the Braga Local Authorities approved «Corpo de Scouts Católicos Portugueses». Next November the Portuguese Government ratifies the approbation and approves the Statutes itself. Corpo Nacional de Escutas had been founded - the name was changed later.

CNE grew up fast and with decisiveness. By February 1925 the official magazine «Flor-de-Lis» first issue came out. In 1926 the first National Scout Camp took place in Aljubarrota; and two years later, the second was held in Cacia (near Aveiro). In 1929, CNE sent a 26-scout contingent to the 3rd World Jamboree and was then recognised by the World Organisation of the Scout Movement. Since then CNE has not missed an international meeting.


The CNE has four groups:
Cubs: ages 6 to 10
Scouts: ages 10 to 14;
Ventures: ages 14 to 18
Rovers: ages 18 to 22


Portuguese Cubs in the 1990s wore yellow shirts and kerchiefs, usually with long pants.

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Created: November 15, 1998
Last updated: January 15, 2000