United States Boy Scout Activities: First Aid

Figure 1.--Here a Boy Scout at camp who seems a little apprehensive receives some First Aid from a senior Scout, we think in the 1940s.

First aid is the first assistance help or immediate care given someone who has suddenly sickened or been hurt in an accident. First-aid training was an important part of the early Scout in Britain and was adopted by the BSA in the United States. The original Boy Scout Handbook had a chapter on first aid, but it didn't go into detail or explain any first aid. It did explain how to get a course and take the exam through the YMCA. Subsequent editiins gradually expanded coverage. And it has been an important part of the BSA program ever since. One of the first 11 merit badges was for First Aid and soon after another badge was offered dealing with Frst Aid for Animals. At Scout camps there were commonly First Aid actgivities and opportunities for boys to work on their merit badges. In addition, there was alot of opportunities for practical application of the skills learned. Boys were incouraged to bring personal First Aid kits.


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