Little Lord Fauntleroy Kilt Suits: Individual Boys

Figure 1.--This New Hampsire boy wears a classic Fauntleroy kilt with a small velvet jacket. He wears ringlets curls with his suit. The photograph was probably taken in the late 1880s.

HBC has noted quite a few boys wearing Fauntleroy kilts. This was a very popular style and widely worn in the late-19th abd very early 20h century. We plan to link the various pages of boys wearing Fauntleroy kilts. We have, however, only begun that process.

Unidentified boy (New Hampshire, late 1880s)

This New Hampsire boy wears a bright plaid Fauntleroy kilt with a classic small, cut-away velvet jacket (figure 1). Many of the kilt skirts were more muted. Many boys had jackets and kilt-skirts that matched, but we also see plaid kilt skirts like the boy here is wearing. He wears ringlets curls with his suit. The photograph was probably taken in the late 1880s.

Unidentified boy (Ohio, early 1890s))

This Ohio boy probably about 1890 wears a Little Lord Fauntleroy kilt suit. Some observes believe that the child was a curl, but HBC believes several elements of tye child's outfit sugges that he is probably a boy. The classic Little Lord Fauntleroy suit of course worn with kneepants. Some mothers, however, were so enamored with the Fauntleroy look that they wanted to attire their younger sons who had not yet been breeched in the new Fauntleroy look. One option was a Fauntleroy jacket and blouse, but worn with a kilt or skirt. Some mothers also chose dresses with Fauntleroy styling. Often the skirts were referred to as kilts. Sometimes they were plaid skirts, but often they were just a palin darl skirt like this boy wears.

Elyde Synder and Elyde Porter (Iowa, early 1890s)

Here we have a cabinet card portrait of two children, perhaps cousins. The boys wear matching Fauntleroy kilt suits. They have cutaway jackets and matching kilt skirt worn with ruffled blouses and pokasot ruffled blouse. The boys appear to be "Elyde Synder & Elyde Porter", but also written on the card is "Elyde Synder + Mason". The portrait was taken by Mrs. D. D. Lyon, Woodbine, Iowa". Most photographers were men. Mrs. Lyon was a rare female photographer. The sentimental pose seems to suggest a female photograpger. The portrait is undated, bur we would guess was taken in the early-1890s.

Unidentified boy (New York, 1890s)

This boy wears a black Fauntleroy-styled kilt suit. Noted that he wears a pinned on lace collar and matching cuffs rather than a Fauntleroy blouse. He has a rather modern looking kankerchief in his breast pocket. Also notice his cap and ring. This prtrait was taken in Syracuse, New York, probably during the 1890s. The boy looks to be 5-6 years old.


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