United States Cub Scouts: The Salute

Figure 1.--Here we have a Cub from the 1970s demonstrating the Cub Scout salute. Notice the use of only two fingers.

Cub Scouts have a distinctive salute. Unlike the military which uses all four fingers, Cub Scouts use only two fingers. The salute today is unchanged from the salute intoduced in 1930 when Cub Scouting began in the United states during 1930. The Cub salute is always given with the fight hand. Cubs hold their index and middle finger straight as they do to give the Cub Scout sign. The Two straight fingers are kept close together. The tips to the two straighr fingers are to touch the brim of the Cub cap. Cubs not wearing a cap touch their eyebrows. Cubs are told that a salute, as in the military, is a way to show respect to Cub leaders. It shows that Cubs look up to them and respect them. It is also used to salute the Anerican flag to show respect to America.


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