Girl's Historical Clothing: Chronological Listings--the 1930s

Figure 1.--We are not positive when this snapshot was taken, but it looks like the mid-1930s. The girls are all dressed in comfortable summer dresses and playing with their kittens. Note how popular braided pigtails ( Zopf ) were for German girls.

The old pre-World War styles had by the 1930s largely disappeared. Girls still mostly wore dresses. Pinafores are still worn, but less commonly. Middy blouses are a popular style. For casual wear we begin to see girls in pants or shorts--especially in America. Little girls might wear quite short dresses as shown by Shirley Temple in some of her early movies. Kneesocks and ankle socks become common and fewer girls wear long stockings. Gym slips are a poular school uniform style. Perhaps influenced by movie style, pants are depicted as stylish casual clothes, but they are worn by few women and girls. Strap shoes are very common for girls, but only younger boys wear them. Some girls do wear shorts for play during the summer.


1930s: Light-colored dress: American girl and brothers

1930s: First Communion dress: American brother and sister

1930s: Teenage dress and sun hat: Dutch family

1930s: Camp uniforms: Italian Balilla

1930s: Sweater and dress: German family


1930: Winter caps and coats: Dutch children

About 1930: Dresses and suits: Russian Orthodox church in America

About 1930: Girl dress and strap shoes: French postcard

About 1930: Private school uniforms: English girl and boys

About 1930: Private school uniforms: English girls' gym slips

About 1930: Middy blouse and gym tunic with braids: German girl and brothers

About 1930: Matching sailor suits: German brother and sister

1930: Winter coat: Austrian school girl

Early 1930s

Early 1930s: Play rompers: American girl

Early 1930s: Summer frock: English girl


1931: Teenage dresses: American family


1932: Suits and dresses Argentine siblings

1932: Winter dresses: Bulgarian children

1932: Lutheran confirmation dresses and suits: American children


1933: School uniformEnglish girls

1933: Schoolwear: English children


1934: Dresses: English workingclass children

1934: Bloomer camp uniform: American girl

1934: Various outfits: German girl in Denmark

1934: White play dress and sandals Argentine girl


1935: School dresses: American primary school

1935: Summer check dress: Czech girl

1935: Patterned dress: Dutch girl

1935: School dresses: Peruvian girls

1935: Coordinated outfits: Slovak brother and sister


1936: Dresses and pinafores: German school girls

1936: Dress: Swedish farm family

1936: Tam and winter coat: American family


1937: Summer dresses: American Jewish orphans

1937: Dresses: American girls at the movies

1937: Dresses and skirts: Swedish girls

1937?: Matching summer dresses: English princesses

1937: Summer dresses: American girls

1937: Fancy dress: Little French girl

1937: Summer play romper suits American girls


1938: Schoolwear: German Kindergarten children


1939: Boys and girls Bluecoat school uniform: English school boys and girls [Note you have to click on the image to see the girls' uniform.]

1939: Girl's print dress and long stockings: American girl

1939: Girl's hairbow and strap skirt: Polish girl

1939: Girl' white hairbow, dress and stockings: Romanian girl

Late 1930s

Late 1930s: BDM uniform: German girl


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