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Figure 1.--Thes Florida Scouts visited a taxidermist. The press caption read, "Entertaining local group of Boy Scouts in his studio, Joseph Reese, Fort Lauderdale taxidermist, lectured on a rare collection of Hawaiian fish he mounted from 150 specimens sent to him by Dr. Spencer Wilkie Tinker, director of the Waikiki Aquarium of the University of Hawaii. Pictured in the studio left to right Scout Master Oliver LovendahlReese Roger Bond, seated; Bobby Bohannon and Edwin Baxter." The photograph was dated Janurary 22, 1950.

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January 31

Serbian gypsies: History

World War II aftermath: German economic collapse

Polish films: Pargon Gola

January 30

American floppy bows: The 1900s--Age

American economics: The Roosevelt recession

American Fauntleroy blouses and floppy bows: Chronology

World War II: Operation of the Warsaw Ghetto

World War II: German fight to the end

January 29

Nepalese Hindu schools

Indian private schools: Hindu schools

Indian education system

January 28

Mexican history: Conquest--Consequences

Bolivian religious groups: Mennonites

Indian school chronology: The Raj

Canadian Native Americans

January 27

Italian youth groups: Balilla similarities with the Hiitler Youth

World War II: Red Army advances in the East (1944)

American Eton collar chronology: The 1880s

January 26

American family: Missouri (1890)

American kilt suits: Kilt length--Age

January 25

American Revolution: First British Norther Offensive

American fiscal history

African tribes: The Tuareg-Geographic range

January 24

Religions: Shikism

Moroccan history

January 23

American uniform chronology: The Scouts 1950s--Regional trends

January 22

English school garments: Knee pants

January 21

Latvian/American photograoher: Philippe Halsman

January 20

American history: Mexican-American War--Public opinion

January 19

American catalogs and adverisemnents: Suits (1920)

January 17

Isreali and Arab schools

World War II: American isolationists--Ambassador Kennedy: More work here

January 16

Congo tribes: Efé tribe

American bowl cuts: Styles

American hair styles: Gender destinctions

Ancient Egypt: The Arts--Dance

January 15

Ancient Egypt: Religion

World War II: Infantry weapons--Anti-tank weapons

Hitler Youth: Military drill

January 14

Ancient Egypt: Music

Irish holidays

January 13

World War II: Germany--The SS

Brazilian religion: Christianity

Brazilian holidays

January 12

American kilt suits: Chronology: More work here.

American families: The Carol family (1901)

Pants decorations: Ages

American boys: Theodore and Robinson Vaill

January 11

World War II: NAZI NSV Hilfsfwerk--Jugenderholungspflege

Hitler Youth: 1936 Law

American artist and photographer: William Henry Jackson

January 10

English boy: Ernst Frederick

American schools: Crowley School

French Polynesia: Education

January 9

French school activities: Drama

French school activities: Drill and exercise--Levels

French school events: Unknown holidays

January 8

French school events: Types

January 7

American illustrator: Norman Rockwell--Childhood

January 6

Movie liying: Ga-Gl

Soviet films: Gentlemen of fortune

January 5

World War II Holocaust: Vichy Rivesaltes concentration camp

World War II: Shanghai International Settlement--Background

World War II Holocaust: Warsaw Ghetto operations--The children

January 4

Indian Islam

Human evolution

French school events: Occassions

European voyages of discovery

Economics: Modern industrial era

January 3

Boy choir music: High medieval Europe

World War II: Free French

Soviet film: I'm in Love with You, Life--Costuming

Soviet film: I'm in Love with You, Life--Plot

Australian regions: Extenal islands: Norfolk Island

January 2

Marianas: Guam and the United Sttes

Marianas: German Northern islands

The Marianas: History

French school events: Holiday celebrations


January 1

Solomon Islands: History

French school: Baromesnil village schools

French school glossary


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